The Sofia Centre


The Sofia Centre is an online resource for people who want to meditate and heal. Meditation is the corner stone of any Spiritual practice and here we aim to offer help and advice and meditations to help everyone from the beginner to the seasoned meditator.

The Sofia Meditation Centre was set up in answer to a call to offer help and support to anyone and everyone transitioning through COVID-19 and beyond. Listed below are the various COVID-19 related support options available, keep up to date by joining the Sofia Centre Facebook group:

Support from me to you…

– Join our Fireside community for FREE

Traditionally, the fireside in communities has always been a place of gathering; a place where stories and wisdom can be shared, sparking new ideas while purging old energies that no longer serve us. At this time of social isolation, let’s use technology to be together.
This will be a weekly Zoom call featuring Soul Seer, Rev. Alex Reegan and Life Healer, Clare Cusack as Sofia NuTara. 
We will have introductions, an energy-clearing / amplification meditation lead by me as Sofia, followed by a question-and-answer period.  Next FIRESIDE Zoom call THIS Wednesday 15th April 3pm PST

Example Fireside Meditation led by Clare as Sofia NutaRa




– Get 50% off Bespoke Meditations

During COVID many people are turning to meditation for solace. This is an unsettling time and anything we can do to settle ourselves or give us a break from our habitual thoughts is going to help.

Like many you may find that you want to raise you vibration out of the collective fear and unease. It is important to remember that it is OK to feel OK. That it is important to give yourself permission to take some time out and to give yourself permission to feel a deep sense of emotional wellbeing alongside everything else that is going on.

I can create for you a meditation that speaks to whatever it is that you are working on within yourself at the moment. It may be that you want to relax, it may be that you want to feel more empowered, it may that you want to feel less panicky. Click the link below for more information

– Have a 121 session Online

If you would like help dealing with or processing things that are coming up for you during COVID then reach out for an online 121 session.

I work with you by holding a healing energy while inviting you to explore things that are on your mind, often the session will start on whatever you feel is most important and will evolve from there. We will look at want to you want to look at at a pace thats comfortable for you.

To understand more about 121 sessions you can click here if you have concerns about working with me online, rest assured and to find out how it works click here.

– Raise Your Vibration Workshop

During this time of COVID-19 many of us are feeling affected by worry stress, our own and others.

Sometimes it is tough to work out what is relevant to the current situation, what relates to past emotions and what belongs to other people. By raising our vibration we can learn what it means to really stand in our own wisdom and power.

The Raise Your Vibration Workshop is an opportunity for you to work with me online in community to understand what it means to raise your vibration, how to raise your vibration and how to stay in a higher vibrational state. For more information click here

In light of the current COVID-19 situation this workshop is by donation

Next workshop THIS Friday 17th April 10am PST / 6pm UK time

– FREE Meditation