I love Vastu. I was originally introduced to it by a fabulously gifted Vastu practitioner called Joelle St James whom I met while visiting California. She introduced me to the ancient philosophy of Vastu and how it is used in your environment, be that home or work, to raise the vibration. Joelle explained that essentially Vastu links the body (microcosm) with the universe (macrocosm). By working in alignment with nature through the 5 elements and the directions, Joelle believes you can achieve greater health, happiness and prosperity.

When I returned home to the UK i decided to ask for Joelle’s support in putting the Vastu principals to work in my home. Well I could not have been more surprised! With careful direction and Joelle’s kind support I set to work. I sent Joelle a plan of the house and the NSEW directions and she sent me detailed instructions. First I had to use divining rods to find any areas of Geopathic stress within my home and correct it. The divining rods would cross at certain points of geopathic stress and to my amazement after following Joelle’s instructions at these certain points, the rods stopped crossing! Therefore neutralising the geopathic stress. I then followed all the instructions which involved, amongst of things the placing of Yantras (see illustration for an example) and chanting to activate them. The house felt amazingly calm afterwards, but that was just the beginning….

Over the next few weeks it was as if the Vastu had awakened a new level of vibrational awareness within me and my home. No longer was I able to tolerate certain things that had gone largely unnoticed for years. A huge and I mean HUGE clearing of my home gradually started to happen, first it was a cupboard in the kitchen that seemed to be calling out to be sorted, then it was the cupboard under the stairs, and things I had been holding onto ‘just incase’ become like ballast I no longer needed and wanted to jettison. Then came my clothes and finally the loft and the garage. It wasn’t stressful or urgent, just a nudge and a desire from deep within me that it was time to lighten my life of the things I didn’t truly need/ love. In the end I counted 16 car loads of belongings that i dutifully took to be recycled one way or another.

It was a joyous experience of lightening my load, going through old memories and really examining what I wanted to carry with me and what I wanted to let go of. 

I am glad to say that I now live in a much more clutter free, energy neutral environment that I ever thought possible! With clearing comes clarity and I am forever grateful to Joelle and her amazing gift of Vastu, it really changed my life.

You can find Joelle and her magic at:
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