Raise Your Vibration Online Webinar

Raise Your Vibration

Online Webinar

We all resonate at different vibrations and the thoughts we choose to think and our emotional baggage can have a huge impact on our vibration. The higher our vibration the more can tune into our own innate wisdom and guidance system.

This online workshop is designed to aid you in releasing any blocks or emotional baggage you may be carrying, lightening your load, thus enabling you to develop a deeper sense of your own connection to the Divine/ Source/ Great Mystery/ your Higher Self.

Doing this in an online group setting enables everyone to get the most out of the session. You will find that people will raise points and ask questions, some of which you have thought of yourself and others which you may not. This in turns enables us to have an even broader understanding by inviting other perspectives taking us beyond our own limitations.

Due to COVID-19 this Webinar is by donation

Next Raise Your Vibration Online Webinar is Friday 17th April 10am PST 6pm UK time