Soul Business Coaching

Identify the Soul of your business. Every business has its own unique energy or Soul. If you are setting up a new business or developing a business you already run, we can help you define and set its unique energy blueprint. 

How can I work my purpose? By identifying your Purpose or what you are Passionate about and putting that at the core of your business you give your business Soul.

Why is it important to work my Purpose? By working your Purpose you are putting every part of you behind the success of your business. Working your purpose means aligning all parts of you together with one vision. This gives your business a strong identity and a moral code that aligns to your belief system.

Developing the Soul of your business gives it strength. If you imagine the big brands you immediately get a sense of what they stand for, what they represent. By giving energy to the Soul of your business in all the areas it encompasses you give your business a strong identity. The more closely it reflects your values and your goals the more you will be able to get fully behind what you are creating.

Accessing your Inner Wisdom. You have a wealth of knowledge, awareness and inspiration available to you if only you give yourself the time to tune in and access it. Together we can take time to access your inner wisdom.

How can I help you? By working together we can distill the very essence of what you are creating. From this we can build a clear and concise set of key principles which form the basis of a business that truly reflects who you are and what you are trying to create.

As a Soul Business Coach, I can help you explore the following themes:

  • Putting Soul into your business by aligning what you believe with what you are creating.
  • Identifying your purpose  and make it the backbone of your business
  • Identifying your purpose  and make it the backbone of your business
  • Aligning your self to your greatest potential
  • Helping you to flow your life force energy through your business
  • Releasing any blocks so you can put all your passion into your business
  • Visioning your success
  • Finding ways to put all your joy and excitement into what you are creating
  • Setting goals that reflect your integrity

The Life Healer- Soul Business Coach- Putting Soul into your Business