Top 10 Tools to ease the growing pains of Spiritual Awakening

We are living in a great time of change and global Spiritual awakening is off the charts. People are waking up left right and centre even those who earlier in their life would have considered themselves not very Spiritual. The last few centuries have seen a move away from organised religion and move towards industrialisation and the dollar.

With the way the frequencies are on the planet at the moment people are being reminded that there is more to life. Long gone are the days when as humans we worked the fields and spent much time outside. Before cars and transport we were forced out into nature to walk, these days the furthest most of us walk on a daily basis is back and forth to our cars. Increased pollution with industrialisation has meant that we don’t enjoy the fresh air as we used to and we can forget what it is like to breath deeply fresh clean air until we go to the seaside and we are knocked out by it’s deeply rejuvenating qualities. In this modern age even the simple pleasure of gardening can be hard for some of us to find time to do if in fact we are lucky enough to have a garden. City living and high-rise flats take us further away from having our feet firmly planted on the earth.

Suddenly Spiritual Growth has risen through our unconscious and as with any growth we are experiencing associated growing pains. Being on life’s treadmill , working to the 9-5 many of us find it hard to find time for ourselves, but this wave of awareness that is spreading over us demands for us to take some time to reassess how we are running our lives, our thoughts and our choices. In the past we could bury our heads and just get on with it, but now with this new awareness dawning rapidly we are being called to re-asses to re-evaluate and re-frame who we think we are and what we believe our priorities to be.

In the simplest of terms the Spiritual awakening process involves a change of frequency emanating from the planet and because so many of us are out of tune with the planet on a day to day basis we haven’t tuned into the changing frequencies and we are out of sync with the raise in vibration. The following tools will help you get in sync with the raise in frequency and get on board for the continuing changes to come

What are the growing pains of Spiritual Awakening?

We may be experiencing Spiritual Awakening symptoms or growing pains in many different ways. These can vary from a general feeling of discombobulation to more physical symptoms like tiredness or exhaustion, headaches, migraines, confusion, frustration, anger, depression You may feel a general dissatisfaction with life, a feeling of not being fulfilled, a feeling like you are missing something. It may appear to you that that things don’t seem as real or as important as they used to. You may feel drawn to change things in your life. You may decide you need to change your friends or drink less alcohol, or change you relationship to food. You may feel that your friends or family don’t understand you and you may find it hard to put into words what you are going through and find it hard to explain to people what exactly is making you feel off balance, out of kilter or generally under par.

Now I realise I am going through a Spiritual Awakening what can I do to ease the associated growing pains?

1/ Grounding- Stand on the earth

Yes! It is as simple as that- get outside and stand on the earth. Physics defines grounding as follows:

Grounding is the process of removing the excess charge on an object by means of the transfer of electrons between it and another object of substantial size. When a charged object is grounded, the excess charge is balanced by the transfer of electrons between the charged object and a ground.

Many of us carry excess stress from our hectic world work and family, we can remove that ‘excess charge’ by standing on the ground and imagining releasing it into the earth. When we talk about standing on the earth we mean grass not pavement.

To be able to stand on natural ground and connect to the earth means that we can release excess charge and tune into the earth/ planet and align ourselves to the frequency change. This will help us to harmonise and calibrate to the raise in vibration.

2/ Breathe Fresh Air

 At work in our homes and in our cities the air we breathe is tainted with pollution to greater and lesser extents. Like standing on natural ground, breathing fresh out out in the countryside, on a mountain top or by the sea will help us tune in the planet and align to the changing frequencies. 

Sea air is one of the oldest prescriptions in the book. Before medication was invented to treat respiratory issues, doctors would recommend a trip to the coast for any patient struggling to catch their breath. 

Fresh sea air is known to be free of the pollution and chemicals found if you live in a busy city. Sea air also contains lots of salt. The fact that sea air contains a lot of salt led to a 2006 Australian study into the effects of salty sea air and breathing. Doctors in Australia noticed young surfers with cystic fibrosis had significantly healthier lungs. The resulting research found that inhaling saltwater mist has a powerful effect on re-hydrating the lining of the lungs and allowing people to more easily eliminate toxins from the lungs. They discovered that their subjects suffered from fewer breathing difficulties if they were to breathe in sea salt air.

It’s also thought that visiting the seaside in autumn and winter can help those who suffer from asthma, as the air here carries much more moisture than the unhelpful dry air caused by central heating.

Sea air is also known to have more of the good guys called ‘negative ions’. Why is this good, well first lets look at ‘positive ions’ they are small molecules that have gained a positive charge. Most forms of pollution, toxic chemicals, pollen, mould, pet dander, and other harmful chemicals in the air all carry a positive electrical charge, making them positive ions. Meanwhile negative ions clear the air of airborne allergens such as pollen, mould spores, bacteria and viruses. . Negative ions work at attaching themselves to positively charged particles in large numbers and negatively charging those particles. So the ‘good guys’ attract and neutralise the bad guys.

Regular trips to the seaside will help you breathe more easily. You can also invest in an air ioniser for your bedroom so when you sleep at night the negative ions can work on clearing the air of air born allergens

3/ Spend some time in a garden

Whether it is your garden, a friends garden or a garden at local country estate, simply spending a time in a garden will help you to tune in and align to the planet. Even better is actually to do some gardening yourself. The act of gardening can have many positive effects including lowering stress, creating a sense of fulfilment and generally promoting peace of mind. Studies show that patients with clinical depression who engage in routine therapeutic gardening experience a reduction in the severity of their symptoms and an increased capacity for focus and attention. Not only does gardening help you to atune to the earth, but it also brings you into the present moment which (see below) is another great way to combat the growing pains of Spiritual awakening. Being in a garden can be a sensory delight, the smell of the roses and freshly cut grass, the feel on the soft petals, the sound of the birds chirruping, the gentle buzz of the bees. Not to mention the rich array of colours from all the different greens of the grasses shrubs and trees to the rainbow of colours of the flowers. Being able to wonder through or sit and enjoy a garden is a real treat, it reminds us of the wonders of nature and the  miraculous planet we live on. Being in a garden is a balm for the Soul in the amidst the chaos of day to day life. Gardens help us navigate Spiritual Awakening growing pains by encouraging us to stop for a minute and connect to our surroundings and marvel at the beauty of mother nature. Yes the planet’s vibration is changing and yes we may be finding that tough to navigate, but looking at all the planet offers us reminds us that it’s all worth it.

4/ Walk in nature

Walking in nature is perhaps the most grounding things you can do. When walking on the earth you are connecting with the planet and the vibrations which again will help you to harmonise and align the the higher frequencies. Taking time to escape out for a walk gives you a chance to have a well needed break. It gives your brain a chance to switch off from the everyday recurrent thoughts and create space for new thought, new ideas and a fresh perspective. Be sure to be present on your walk, but that I mean be sure to notice your surroundings, dont bring the office with you or a family issue with you “i should have said this or that’. Make sure that you take time to feel the cool air of the warm sun on your face or indeed the gentle rain. Make sure you notice all the different smells and colours. Take care to pay attention to what is around you, is the path stoney or muddy, are there buds on the trees. Its all too easy to go for a walk and actually feel more stressed afterwards if you simply let your mind carry on running the same old thoughts.

5/ Focus on the present moment

Following on from the last point it is very important to focus on the present moment in ‘The Power of Now’ Ekhart Tolle says “All you really need to do is accept this moment fully. You are then at ease in the here and now and at ease with yourself”. By being fully in the present we can both honour how we are feeling as a result of any growth pains we have from Spiritual Awakening and also connect in present time to where we are right here right now. By being able to orientate ourselves into the present moment we are better able to balance our Spiritual self with our physical body and our environment. If we are feeling over whelmed for example we can take comfort from the reality of our surroundings. We can list the items we can see, for example desk, mug of coffee, window, trees, birds. We can experience our surroundings through our senses, we can feel the chair, we can smell the coffee, we can see the leaves on the tress move with the breeze and we can hear the birds. By continually coming back to the present moment we are able to ground ourselves and in doing so we are then able to take practical steps to ease any Spiritual Awakening growing pains. By being present in the moment we may realise that we need to take a break and go fo a walk, maybe we need to drink some water, maybe we need to meditate. By being present we can take acts of kindness to help ourselves. As Tolle points out, being in the present moment gives you a chance to be at ease with yourself. Accepting that right here right now this is how you are feeling is freeing. Much of the time we battle with what is, thinking it ‘should be’ something different we think things like ‘I should be OK’ or ‘I should be able to cope’ or ‘I shouldn’t feel like this’. The inner critic, or inner dialogue often prevents us from simply being with what is. Once we can simply be alongside whatever we are feeling then we can gently support ourselves into a better place. The important thing is not to judge wherever we find ourselves to be but to simply be with it.

6/ Food as medicine 

The ‘perfect’ diet for everyone does not exist we are all different. In fact we ourselves need different diets or foods, at different time. The trick is to tune into what works for you right here right now. Chances are that your Spiritual Awakening will dictate what you need to eat to support you body through the vibrational shift. One thing that is clear is that an optimum diet is rich in foods free from excess sugar, additives, preservatives and hormones. If you are going through a Spiritual Awakening then chances are your body is much more sensitive to what you put in it. Ask your body what it needs, observe how you feel after you have eaten- do you feel relaxed, calm and satiated or do you feel exhausted, bloated and still hungry? Many people find low carb and high protein works for them, other find being vegetarian or vegan can help while others find that while going through Spiritual Growth fasting can help. Fasting gives the body a chance to have a rest from constantly digesting food, in fact it gives the body a chance to repair itself. Michael Mosley in his book ‘Clever Guts’ talks about how our gut bacteria will regenerate during what he refers to as ‘intermittent fasting’ where people leave a gap of 14-16 hours between meals (usually overnight). In religious traditions fasting has been seen as a way to raise Spiritual Awareness, so it stands to reason that fasting can help the body adjust to Spiritual Awakening. If we integrate some form of fasting into our daily routing it can become much clearer which foods work for us and which foods don’t. If we fast and simply what we eat we can get a much better idea of what fuels our body and what disables it. 

7/ Be kind to yourself

What does being kind to yourself mean to you? It could be taking time to do something specific that brings you joy like going for a walk, or reading your book. Being kind to yourself could be monitoring your inner dialogue to make sure you are as gentle with yourself as you are with others. In the context of Spiritual Awakening it may mean dedicating time to reflect on how you are doing, acknowledging things that you are finding tough at the moment and taking action to enable yourself to feel better. For example if you are finding yourself to be particularly sensitive at the moment you might find it harder to be around lots of people. Part of being kind to yourself would be to recognise that its hard and be compassionate towards yourself. All too often we have a tendency rto think ‘I should be OK with this, everyone else seems fine, I just need to pull myself together’ but thats not kind. Kindness would be noticing that you are feeling overwhelmed around a lot of people and then making choices not to go to certain things, or only go for a limited time, or to choose to see your friends individually rather than in a big group. I you have to be around a lot of people, then acknowledge that you may need seem ‘recovery time’ afterwards to schedule that down-time in so you don’t bring your overwhelmed home to your loved ones. 

Kindness is about being conscious of your own needs and then taking action yourself to meet those needs. Kindness is asking yourself what symptoms do I have as a result of my Spiritual Awakening and what action do I need to take to help me feel as level and balanced as I can.

8/ Keep your home clean and organised

If you are not organised it is easy to feel overwhelmed. If your home is full of clutter and disorder it will be even harder to navigate the growing pains of Spiritual Awakening. We all need a calm retreat from the world where we can recharge, if your home is disorganised or in a mess you never get that sense of true peace that is available to you. You only have to follow Mrs Hinch or Marie Kondo to know the virtues of both cleaning and tidying! I love Marie Kondo’s simple yet life transforming premise that we are only to keep possessions in our life that ‘Spark Joy’. Having been named as on of Times’ top 100 most influential people she is obviously doing something right having inspired a global movement towards de-cluttering and organising the home. In her book ‘The Life changing magic of tidying up’ Marie Kondo shares her passion for letting go of items from our home. By reducing what surrounds us we can gain more clarity in our lives. By keeping only things that ‘Spark Joy’ we raise our vibration to a new level, by living in an environment which reflects our joy we can really support ourselves through Spiritual Awakening. Imagine walking into your home and feeling a sense of ease and expansion, this is available to us when we remove all the items that tether us to the past. By not clearing all the clutter we may be inadvertently keeping hold of items that anchor negative past events, in no way is this serving us now. By removing items that harbour memories of times we would rather forget we free ourselves to move forwards. We have journeyed in our life to this point having learnt various lessons, we will still embody those learnings, we don’t need to hold on to items that link back to those times.  Follwing Marie Kondo’s principles will enable you to really support yourself through Spiritual Awakening. Likewise the old adage ‘cleanliness is close to Godliness’ (whatever your religious persuasion) speaks to how living in a clean space raises our vibration. Mrs Hinch brings the same joy to cleaning. In her book ‘Hinch Yourself Happy: All The Best Cleaning Tips To Shine Your Sink And Soothe Your Soul’ you can find various hints and tips to enthusiasm to the domestic chores. The end result being not only that you will have a satisfyingly clean and tidy home but you will also benefit from a clear high vibrational space. When Spiritual Growing pains challenge you, at least you will have a wonderful home space that will support and nurture you through.  

9/ Support each other

Spiritual Awakening an feel like a lonely path. It is true that it is our journey and our journey alone, however we share many commonalities with others goins through their own awakenings. In coming together and sharing are experience and things that have helped us along the way we can support each other. You may find that is you start to talk about what is happening with you with like minded people that they too are experiencing similar things. This is very likely as the energies that are affecting you are global and we will all be feeling them at different times to greater os lesser extent. People who have not engaged in any Spiritual Awareness up unti now will be finding it the most challenging as they have no context in which to understand what is happening. You can be there for people who are just waking up, you may find that they are only ready to understand certain aspects of Spiritual Growth and not others and they begin to open their minds their willingness to understand new concepts will grow. Be patient wit yourself and others as we all evolve at our own pace and we process things and understand things only when we are ready. Simply being able to sit alongside someone and being present to bare witness to what they are experiencing can be highly beneficial. We can’t ‘fix it’ or stop it but we can certainly acknowledge the truth of what each other are experiencing. You may be able to share with others hints and tips that have worked for you. They may be able to recognise where you are at and reassure you that you are not the only one! Being compassionate to others enables you to have deeper compassion for yourself as you see he courage it takes to own and process sometimes painful things.

10/ Meditate

Meditation is a great leveller and a great harmoniser. If you are feeling growing pains from Spiritual Awakening then meditation can really help. By taking time out to meditate you are feeding you Spirit and nurturing yourself. Many people like to meditate by sitting in silence for a period of time, while others like to follow a guided meditation on their headphones. Which ever way you choose the important thing to rememeber is that your thoughts won’t just stop, any worries and concerns will still be floating about in your mind, what you are aiming to do during a meditation is to change your relationship to those thoughts. To meditate we endeavour to develop our capacity to observe our thoughts. Imagine you are sitting in a cafe by yourself enjoying a cup of tea and you can heat the conversation on the table next to you. You don’t know these people and you don’t know the details of whatever it is they are discussing you are su=imply a passive observer with little to no emotional response to what they are saying. When we meditate we aspire to have that same neutral response to out own thoughts, this frees us from the emotional rollercoaster that our thought usually have us on. By being able to observe what we are thinking we are able to develop another part of our mind. This part of our mind is calm, neutral and without judgement. This part of our mind can bare witness to who we are and what we are experiencing. During the time we are meditating every time something that worries us comes into our mind we can use the observer part of ourselves to say ‘how interesting’ and then let the thought float through. When starting to meditate some people prefer to listen to a guided meditation that gives their mind something to focus on. You could, for example, use this meditation I have recorded for you.

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