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Hi, I’m Clare and I’d love to tell you about what I can do to help you.

Our lives are a journey; sometimes on a road easily travelled and at others times there may be obstacles or treacherous conditions that make the road seem impassable. We may become ‘stuck’, unable to move forward as we would like to, or we may make seemingly bad decisions and ‘take a wrong turn’. I help people to overcome these obstacles, sometimes going back to the place they occurred and help steer them back onto the right path, allowing forward progression on their journey.

After many years working internationally as a Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Advisor and Spiritual Mentor I have come to an understanding of the enormous importance of the healing process, in enabling us to travel life’s journey. If we try to see this as a journey towards love, then hardship becomes an opportunity to develop a deeper capacity to love others and ourselves.

It is how we respond to experiences that defines us, not the experiences themselves.

What can I do for you?

Together we can explore how you think about your past, and use energy healing to clear any pain. We can help you ground yourself in the present by supporting you to accept the role you have played to get here. Then together we can help you co-create the future that you want.

When we can forgive and accept the past while still honouring our experiences; when we can accept and take full responsibility for ourselves in the present and not blame others; when we can accept that we co-create our future, then we can know true freedom.

If you are open and willing, then we can work together to help heal your life


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