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Spiritual Healing &

“I don’t really know how the Spirit works through Clare, I just know that it does. Upon the completion of a session with Clare I feel wholly aligned with my greater yet to be. Clare looks deep into the soul of a person and calls forth their true essence. She is really special.”

Rickie Byars-Beckwith
Composer, singer, performer & Music and Arts Director of The Agape International Spiritual Center

“Clare has been an invaluable gem who has such an empowering approach to her work. it’s one thing to go into a session with someone and become totally dependent on what they’re giving, yet Clare is truly a healer in that she has helped me learn how to unearth the tools that already lie within myself. For this I’m so grateful. Love this woman!”

Nia Andrews
Singer, song writer LA

“As a Practitioner Clare maintains a professional stance but is also warm and supportive. She provides a safe place for the client to feel completely at ease with whatever presents itself. She delivers clear messages and guidance from Spirit which are hugely beneficial and insightful.”

Liz Midgley
Complementary Therapist, Acupuncture, TFT, NLP London

“Thank you for your wisdom and insights. You are blessed with a special gift”

Diane Youdale
TV & Radio personality and Psychotherapist UK

“The opportunities that have come into my life since I met Clare are quite astounding. Changes in my relationship with my husband, incredible gifts of work and travel globally and stepping more fully into my purpose, I believe are connected to the openings I felt in my work with Clare. I call her a light worker’s light worker!”

Laura Frances Gates
Executive Life Coach SF

“Clare’s work includes cutting cords between you & others in unhealthy relationships, clearing past life traumas, helping healers upgrade their healing capacity & giving clear insight into various life situations. If you are ready for a tune up energetically even if you don’t really know what you need, I highly recommend contacting Clare!”

Atasiea Kenneth Lawrence Ferguson
Actor & Co Founder of Ecstatic Dance LA

“Thank you so much Clare! I felt the shift after our recent session and am feeling so much better these days. Refocused and grounded once again. My sincere and loving gratitude for your presence in my life and your support in helping me maneuver through the strangest periods in my life. Your timing is impeccable. What would I do without you? I am SO glad we met.”

Cheryl Samson
Special Education Counsellor LA

Seeing Clare is one of the best decisions I have ever made, Clare provides a safe space- you feel completely at ease. Thanks to Clare I now feel healthier and lighter, I feel like I have NO limitations- that there is NO invisible ceiling in my life. I feel like ANYTHING is possible! If you really want to feel your authentic self- then work with Clare!

Mara Surel
Life Coach & Energy worker, SF