Clare. Can you help?

People often ask me what exactly I do, what kind people I work with and what kind of things they bring to the session. 

That has always been a tough question to answer because I deal with so many different people and different things. I can sum it up best by saying I work with people who are willing to heal, for some people I am the first person they call and for others I am the person they come to when they have nowhere else to go.

I thought I could address this or answer this best my listing various things people have come to see me with.

With that in mind you may find some of the following examples upsetting

It is a privilege to walk alongside anyone who is in their healing process. For all those of you who ask what I work with here is a list of things people have brought to our sessions.

This is by no means everything I have worked but here is an idea of the types of things people have brought to a session:

People who are looking for help in opening up Spiritually

People who need help getting back on their path

Healers who need help looking after themselves in the form of Spiritual Supervision

People suffering from depression or anxiety

People looking to unblock or develop their creativity

People in the public eye who need help clearing negative energy

People in the public eye who need help maintaining their sense of self

People who need help with their relationships

People suffering from grief

People who have experienced miscarriage 

People who have experienced extreme trauma in their lives and been affected by emotional abuse, sexual abuse, rape, kidnap and murder 

People who have experienced narcissism 

People who have past life traumas 

People who need clearing of Spiritual attachments 

People who want to understand and own their Spiritual Growth

If you have been affected by any of the issues mentioned and would like to see if I can help you then you can book a discovery session

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