Soul to Soul

Putting you first

Intuitive Coaching

Each and every treatment is as wide and varied as the people with which I work. In each session we will explore where you are in your life and look at any current issues that are arising.

What can I work on? Together we can work on a wide range issues from relationships, health, work, creative projects, resistance, procrastination, patterns of abuse, areas where you feel particularly triggered- essentially anything and everything that relates to your life.

How does it work? Working together is informal and will likely involve talking through the experiences in your life, as well as periods of silence; sitting alongside your energy while supporting it to clear. Where appropriate I will guide you with insights as I encourage and support you. 

How can it help me? The main aim of working together is to clear lower vibrational energies that you may be carrying. Lower vibrational energies can form as a result of shock or trauma. For example, if we experience a betrayal from a friend or partner, we loose a job or we are involved in an accident. The body holds onto the shock and it can influence how we think and behave from then on. To others it may appear that we have an irrational fear of something, but in fact it is simply a result of an earlier trauma. 

How will I feel? Essentially we work together to bring you a greater sense of well being within yourself. Lower vibrational energy sits like a dark cloud within our system and by clearing that stuck energy we can help you feel lighter, brighter, happier and more in step with your life.

How many sessions will I need? My philosophy is to help you help yourself; to encourage you to hear your own voice and develop a deeper capacity to fully understand yourself. We work together until you have processed what it is you need to work through. We go at your pace, which may take one session, or may take a few. You may have a few sessions, take a break and then return. Whatever feels most appropriate for you at the time. We work towards empowering you to move on in your life.

Together we will help you on your journey.