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Until the age of 30, I followed the conventional path of school, college and university. I attained a degree, a masters and a post graduate diploma and I then moved to London to work in media. I had always been drawn to helping people to recover from negative experiences and initially pursued the idea of training as a psychotherapist. However, I developed an interest in Shiatsu, which lead to me training as a practitioner in this healing therapy.

This was where things got really interesting! My journey changed direction and opportunities opened up in ways I had never expected. It began to become clear that I had a natural capacity for healing and to everyone’s surprise (including mine!) I left my job and moved away from London to develop my healing practice.

During my on-going training in Shiatsu, I began to realise I had a gift for moving energy. I found myself working in ways that were outside the parameters of what was being taught and beyond my own conscious knowledge. My teachers advised that I was ‘unwinding Meridians with my mind’. At the time I barely knew what meridians (energy lines in the body) were, but it seemed to come naturally to me.

What happened next?

In response to this, I sought the advice of various healers in the hopes of understanding what Spirit would one day make explicitly clear. I was told many times that I am a healer and my destiny is to bring light, inner happiness and oneness to those who seek it. I developed my Shiatsu practice and found that increasingly people were coming to see me, not just for Shiatsu, but for Energy Clearing.

I discovered that when people are open to think differently about themselves and their experiences, I am able to clear them of any stuck negative energy they carry. This in turn has a profound impact on their ability to heal themselves.

My work has been described in many different ways from energy healer, spiritual adviser, Shamanic healer, bringer of light, intuitive and psychic healer, so I settled on ‘The Life Healer’ as the name encompasses all that I do. As The Life Healer I am the facilitator on the touchline of your life, helping you to find yourself; travelling toward full awareness and acceptance; replacing negative forces with positive energy.

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“ Who looks outside, dreams:
who looks inside, awakes. ”

CARL JUNG – Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist