Hi, I’m Clare – The Life Healer

Until the age of 30, I was following what you might call the conventional path of school, college and university. I studied Educational Psychology, Criminology and Photojournalism attaining a degree, a masters and a post graduate diploma respectively. I then moved to London lived in Brixton and worked for The Independent Newspaper.

Spiritual Fixer

I had always been drawn to helping people to recover from negative experiences and initially pursued the idea of training as a psychotherapist. However, I developed an interest in Shiatsu (think acupuncture but without needles) which lead to me to train as a Shiatsu practitioner.

This was where things got really interesting! Spirit Guides started to appear in my sleep and later in my minds eye. My life journey changed direction leading to opportunities opening up in ways I could never have imagined. It began to become clear that I had a natural capacity for healing and to everyone’s surprise (including mine!) I left my job and moved to the countryside to develop my healing practice.

I woke up one day and knew I needed to get to California. Over the years I started travelling regularly to The Bay and Los Angeles where I met lots of wonderful people many of whom became great friends. I have since trained in Reiki, Angel Healing, Mindfulness, Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

These days I work with everyone. I work with people from ordinary walks of life like me, to people in business to people in the creative arts media and Hollywood.

Putting you first

Spiritual Counselling

Soul to Soul

Energy follows intention

Online Spiritual Healing


“ Who looks outside, dreams:
who looks inside, awakes. ”

CARL JUNG – Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist