Meditation Made For YOU

Personalised bespoke Meditations Made for YOU

I am passionate about meditation and believe we can all benefit from it. Through my work I realised that people respond best to meditations that really speak to them and what they are going through. I decided to take this one step further and offer to record meditations for people specific to their needs that they can listen to over and over again whenever and wherever they wish.

Let me Make a Meditation dedicated to what YOU need

Imagine having a 10 minute meditation you can listen to anytime – supporting you right when you need it most – starting your day when you wake up or on your lunch break!

Simply let me know what it is you would like to focus on and I would love to create a meditation tailored to you.

How Does it work?

We have a consultation and we discuss what you would like from your Meditation. We will look at things that are happening in your life and you tell me what you want to get out of your meditation. Between us we can decide which area, theme or concern is the most important for you to concentrate on. To give you an idea here are some examples of the kind of Meditations I have created:

Meditations Made for you that focus on:

Raising your vibration, which means taking a break from the day to day stresses and feeling calmer and more centred

Deepening positive attitudes to areas in your life such as health, finances, family and work.

Creating space to deepen your connection to your own inner wisdom and creativity

Whatever it is I can create a Meditation to speak directly to YOU and your needs