Clare. Can you help?

People often ask me what exactly I do, what kind people I work with and what kind of things they bring to the session.  That has always been a tough question to answer because I deal with so many different people and different things. I can sum it up best by saying I work with


The term Gaslighting originates from play that was made into a film called ‘Gas Light’ where the husband manipulates his wife to make her think she’s actually losing her sense of reality and going mad. The name comes from the part of the film where the husband tampers with the gas lights causing them to

Anger as a messenger

Anger has a bad rap we can think that we should not be angry, feel angry or express our anger, especially as women. However anger is an energy that needs to move and it can be an important messenger for highlighting something we may need to look at. We have every right to feel our


Prayer for Presence

Often times it can be a real challenge to stay present to whatever is going on around us, we may find that feelings and thoughts take over and we may find ourselves reacting instead of responding. This is a Prayer for Presence in difficult times, calling us back to the point of power in the

Top 10 Tools to ease the growing pains of Spiritual Awakening

We are living in a great time of change and global Spiritual awakening is off the charts. People are waking up left right and centre even those who earlier in their life would have considered themselves not very Spiritual. The last few centuries have seen a move away from organised religion and move towards industrialisation

Top 10 Tips for dealing with overwhelm

Often in life we can feel as if we are totally overwhelmed. One way to combat overwhelm is to Meditate so please enjoy this free meditation that I have recorded for you in honour of Mental Health Awareness Week. We can feel overwhelmed by family member demands, things we feel we need to do, things

Your Questions Answered

Does this conflict with my religion? No, absolutely not. This healing is not aligned to, and does not conflict with, any religion. Energy Clearing has sound foundations in science and focuses attention on the past, present and future on an individual (not collective) level. How much will it cost? This will depend on the type


These are my Definitions of the terms I use ‘Energy Clearing‘ or ‘Healing‘ Everything, including us, is made up of ‘Cosmic Energy’ also known as ‘Prana’ or ‘Qi’. This energy should flow with ease and when this flow is interrupted then ‘dis-ease’ of the Mind, Body or Spirit occurs. I define healing as the movement

Understanding Emotional Triggers

Are you or someone you know trigger happy? What does it mean to trigger? For different people it can mean totally different things, but in essence when we trigger we spiral out of the present moment and relive thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs from a past event as if they are happening in the here

The Butterfly and the Caterpillar

When you go on a journey of self discovery its rather like the journey of the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. You can be perfectly happy as a caterpillar for a long time, living in a caterpillar world doing caterpillar things. Lets face it caterpillars are cute and in many respects fine just as they