Energy follows intention

Online Spiritual Healing

To work together we don’t have to be in the same room or indeed the same country. Energy follows intention, so I can help you clear that which no longer serves you, even via Skype or phone sessions.

Who are Bridged Distance Sessions suitable for? It is for anyone who has worked with me before and wants to stay connected and for anyone who would like to experience what I do.

Is it the same as a One to One session? The only difference is that we are not in the same room together, other than that everything that we can work on together in a One to One session we can work on via Skype or by phone.  

So what would we do in a Bridged Distance session? During a Skype session we will talk things through, have guided meditations and connect in silence, all of which involve energy clearing; resulting in you feeling lighter, happier and clearer by the end of the session.

Why Bridged Distance instead of One to One? Working on Skype enables us to connect when life means we are too far away or too busy to be there in person. Some people prefer to work with me via Skype or the phone in the comfort of their own home or chosen space.

How does it work? Energy follows intention, my intention is to clear your energy and that is what we can achieve by working together on Skype or by phone.

Connecting from a distance we can help you on your journey.