Team Spirit


Team Spirit Meditation

While many people are working from home there is a lot of talk about Wellbeing and Team Spirit.

Team Spirit Meditation is an opportunity to tackle both these issues by inviting your employees to join a positive weekly group meditation class.

Team Spirit Meditations are simple in their approach catering for everyone from the meditation novice to the aspiring yogi. Classes can be at a length to suit you, usually 20-30 minutes and divided into two sections of firstly body and then mind/ Spirit, the first section is a mindfulness body scan, which talks participants through a relaxation of the body. This is followed by a guided meditation and each week this section has a slightly different theme.

The purpose of the Team Spirit Meditation is to give your employees a chance to take a break, pause and re-energise. The idea behind these sessions is that oftentimes we can be busy thinking habitual thoughts, by pressing the pause button and inviting participants to still their minds new thoughts can surface over time. In turn, giving space for new thoughts gives rise to a greater sense of positivity and a deeper connection to creativity and by using different parts their mind or tapping into their deeper wisdom participants can return refreshed to their work.

It is suprising how rejunvenating it can be to surrender ourselves to conscious relaxation during the course of the working week, enabling us to recharge and reset.

As The Life Healer creating the virtual meditation space I make sure that participants will receive a level of vibrational resonance that many find calming and nourishing.

By providing this service online it means that participants can join together while still distance working this provides an opportunity for both shared experience and personal wellbeing. Courses run for either as long as is suitable usually around 5 to 10 weeks.