These are my Definitions of the terms I use

Energy Clearing‘ or ‘Healing

Everything, including us, is made up of ‘Cosmic Energy’ also known as ‘Prana’ or ‘Qi’. This energy should flow with ease and when this flow is interrupted then ‘dis-ease’ of the Mind, Body or Spirit occurs.

I define healing as the movement of stuck or stagnant energy 


Meridians, also known as ‘Channel Networks’ are the pathways through which ‘Cosmic Energy’, ‘Prana’ or ‘Qi’ flows. This network comprises 12 Principle Meridians, which are made up of Yin and Yang pairs aligning to all the major organs. In addition, there are the ‘Extraordinary Meridians’, which have specific functions to facilitate circulation and promote good health.


In the context of ‘Work Your Purpose’ I define ‘Purpose’ as the things in life you are passionate about for example:

You may be passionate about: people / baking / maths / massage / jewelry / clothes / justice / interior design 

You may be passionate about helping people or supporting people or you may be passionate about things such as problem solving or trouble shooting. 

I believe that whatever it is you are passionate about is a core part of who you are and therefore a fundamental part of your purpose in life.


Meaning ‘finger pressure’, Shiatsu is a form of Japanese body work which focuses on the flow of ‘Cosmiic Energy’, ‘Prana’ or ‘Qi’ through the meridians of the body. It can be described as ‘acupuncture without needles’ in that it works with pressure points in a similar way. However, instead of inserting needles, pressure is applied with fingertips and thumbs, to balance the flow of energy. Shiatsu practitioners also use massage and manipulation techniques to assist energy flow, release tension and reduce stress. Shiatsu aims to improve health and well being with an holistic approach- mind, body and soul.

Soul Business Coach

By aligning you and your passions with your business I can help you put Soul into your business. By applying my ability to read energy to your business we can look at where best for you to focus your attention for the best results. Together we can develop  a clear blueprint and mission statement to place at the core of your business plan.


Spirit with a capital ‘S’ refers to the unseen forces that guide, protect and support us with wisdom – should we choose to tune in and ‘listen’. These forces exist beyond conscious process and guide us through our lives. These forces include what people refer to as ‘Spirit Guides’ and ‘Angels’ and what the Native Americans call ‘Great White Spirit’. ‘Spirit’ as defined here is a loving knowing consciousness. Communication with ‘Spirit’ can best be described as a deep inner knowing or a sudden thought that pops into your mind as a solution to a problem. Some people who are very sensitive may hear and see ‘Spirit’ as if they are physical beings.

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